SSL Certificates protect your business

SSL Certificates protect your business

SSL certificates for websites

What is an SSL Certificate?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) provides security technology for encrypted links between a browser and a web server. To put this simply. It is another layer of protection SSL is an industry standard for these secure digital certificate connections. This standard is used by millions of websites and internet browsers to protect all sorts of online transactions.

Why do I need an SSL certificate for my site?

An SSL certificate will verify your identity. There are many scam artists out there that set up Web sites that look legitimate, but that are not. An SSL certificate authenticates your business Your website is verified as secure, and you are shown to be who you say you are. Like knowing their information is encrypted, knowing that you are a viable business and that you have been cleared by the SSL certificate issuer can provide peace of mind for customers

What’s Google’s view on this?

Google uses this certificate when it ranks the site- and those sites who don’t have a certificate have been penalised and their ranking has fallen.

What can you do now??

Talk to us so we can advise you what steps you can take to further protect your business